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Grease Monkey - Centerville #951

55 W. Parish Lane,  Centerville,  UT 84014
(801) 294-8701

Community Involvement

What We Are Doing

At Grease Monkey we look forward to helping the community that has trusted and supported our business.  To do so we are sponsors in more than 5 schools in the centerville area.  We have donated over $3,000 in services to fundraisers and special interest groups.  We also participate evry year in the centerville city parade and festivities.  In addtion to our donations, we also recognize our responsibilitiy to keep our mess, OUR mess.  We have installed top of the line equipment underground to ensure no chemicals or runoff makes its way to the city storm drain.  In addition, all of the chemicals used in our car washes are eco friendly and pose no threat to the environment.  We continue to look for ways to serve the community and feel it our duty to do so as we grow.

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